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Thursday, June 18, 2020


Covid 19 and Yoga
Image used for representational purpose.

Covid-19 and stress are synonymous to each other as people round the globe are sinking deep into their savings due to loss of job or dwindling income due to complete or partial lockdown of economic activities. As a result, everyone is under tremendous stress and strain. Just to relieve  i would suggest  the most effective way out practiced in our country from days of the great epic Ramayana and Mahabharata. Yoga is like music; the rhythem of the body, the melody of the mind and the harmony of the soul creat the symphony of life. Yoga is a discipline that aims to control the mind, body and spirit. Yoga therapy or treatment involves performing a series of breathing exercises and posture in combination with meditation to enhance physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. The practice of Yoga is known to calm the mind and get rid of physical or mental ailment.

It is very much important to get connected with the supreme authority controlling the flora and fauna around us. Yoga teaches us  how to be polite and humble and remain free from instant anger and frustration. It inducts positive vibes and directs us towards creativity which is the essence of life. It improves the overall quality of life, helps and directs our lives towards piousness of thought and action for the welbeing of humanity. Negativity gets vanished once we start practicing yoga and meditation.

It helps us to be closer to our natural instict. Recognition of true self is only possible through the pathway of yoga. Self awareness is very essential for the future course of action to accomplish the set goal .We can identify our strength areas as well as weak points through meditation to work further to improve. So Yoga and meditation is the need of the hour.

Our younger generation percieve yoga as related to elderly people and sages but they are mistaken. Yoga has no boundary line of age, religion, cast , creed, sex or colour. Anyone can practice it and harness its enormous benifits. For children it is as important as office going elderly people.
To reduce work pressure and refresh mind its equally useful as other means of recreation.

Every year we celebrate World Yoga Day on 21st of june and then forget it throughout the year. Practicing merely for the sake of celebration will not work. We will have to induct it in our regular habit to improve our physical and mental well being.

In nutshell, i would quote here that YOGA IS THE JOURNEY OF SELF, THROUGH THE SELF AND TO THE SELF.

So just Practice....practice...

Sailendra Kumar,
Takshila School, Gaya

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