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Monday, June 15, 2020


The  pandemic COVID-19 has shaken the ground beneath the feet of every individual and filled his or her heart with the sense of  uncertainty and scarcity. It has also revealed the true character of our social fabric.People around us are portraying their true selves.It has been rightly said that TIME IS THE BIGGEST TEACHER. However, I firmly believe that we should not  mind these ups and downs and the responses of people around us, These are momentary. We should always look forward for the best. A large number of people have lost their means of livelihood and struggling hard to meet their needs of bread and butter.Recent surveys show that domestic violence is on the rise due to frustration and sense of insecurity. Suicide committed by SSR has really made me think to counsel people around me, be it my students, friends, teachers,staffs or even my kith and kin.

At times we may feel sense of negativity, frustration, uncertainty for future, end of everything but that's not true at all, just talk, communicate, connect, share. This phase of life for sure pass on. God has something big in his pocket to offer you, wait for that time. Just remember WINNERS NEVER QUIT AND QUITTERS NEVER WIN. I would suggest few things to practice on day to day basis to come over from the chain of negativity, this has worked for many of my friends.

1. Spend quality time with family members.

We can organize various games involving every member of the family, practice hobbies like gardening, singing, writing, listening song, cracking jokes, reading books, diary entry, watching hilarious and fun filled movies, and many more to keep ourselves busy and engaged. Also we can help in the household work to help other members. We can help children in their studies and share our memories and stories associated with our school and college days with them.

2. Regular exercise and practice of yoga and meditation.

In order to keep our body and mind healthy and fit, we need to manage some time for daily exercise.Morning or Evening walk will be the best option. Apart from this, certain workout can also be practiced as per age and body requirement. Several videos are available on YouTube related to daily exercise,yoga and meditation which can be quite conducive for the purpose. These activities bring freshness and relax  our mind and body from strain and fatigues.

3. Stay away from news channels/papers sometimes.

These days news channels and .papers are full of negativism and scarce of information which in turn generates negative vibes in us, So keeping ourselves away from such news sources  for sometime will definitely help us to break the chain of negativity. In place of watching news channels, we can go for music, movies, or amusing reality shows.We can read good books based on motivational stories.

4. Update and upgrade your skiil sets.

Utilize liesure time to update and upgrade your skills matchig your profession to move one. This is the best time, we have to learn various technology based skills, attend webinars and persue online certification courses.

5.  Do a "worry drop." Drop your worries.

Write out all your fears in a diary until your anxiety has dropped by half, also share them with your friend who can give you healing touch.

Make a daily list of what is going well, because everything in life can never be bad. Just recall your good times and experiences and enjoy them.

In the end, remember, you are not alone, we are a family. If ever you need an ear to listen, feel free to call. we all are just at a call's distance. Call your friend, me or anyone, you can relate to. We are always there to help you in every way possible.

I am sure, together we will fight it and come out victorious. As Darwin said, "Survival of the fittest."

Love and blessings

Sailendra Kumar  
Takshila School, Gaya.

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